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Equatorial Marathon is a game based learning platform with visible results.

Our marathon
starts in an office…

… but it will take its runners around the world. Do not worry, it’s just a metaphor. In fact, while virtually running in Equatorial Marathon, your colleagues do their tasks in playful way, connect and collaborate with others, learn and make progress, share and improve their experience. And all this while they serve a greater purpose: helping children in need!

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Why would Equatorial Marathon be good for your company?

Because it enables you to achieve your business goals by leveraging the learning investments and activating the engagement of your people. Moreover, it helps you to create a working environment based on innovation, fun, intellectual challenge, social connections and intrinsic motivation. This way your company will be better prepared for the changing world we live in nowadays.


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Equatorial Marathon is a Romanian start-up with a global vision. Step by step, our game based learning platform is gaining more and more traction around the world. Be part of this growth and become a reseller!