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Equatorial Marathon – the first corporate game-based learning platform – enters the European market

(Română) La mai puțin de un an de la momentul lansării oficiale, Equatorial Marathon, produs digital de training realizat integral de un business românesc de profil, Equatorial, începe să fie deja exportat într-o serie de țări europene – Polonia, Franța, Suedia – adresându-se companiilor multinaţionale care inovează în procesul de învăţare şi dezvoltare al angajaților.

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Less than one year since the official launch, Equatorial Marathon, a digital training product developed entirely by a specialized Romanian based business – Equatorial, has entered the European market in Poland, France, Sweden, targeting multinational corporations that innovate in the learning and development process of the employees.

Equatorial Marathon is the first and only game-based learning platform that innovates and generates a paradigm shift in the local training industry. Taking into consideration that the Romanian environment consists of people that don’t take action, rather than people that don’t have information, Equatorial developed its own methodology aiming to induce the behavioral change that companies lack in order to fulfill goals.

Equatorial Marathon works on a metaphor as a marathon race around the Equator. In order to advance in the race, players must complete „running challenges” that are actually tasks and activities from the employees’ day-to-day job. Players have at their disposal a large palette of resources (face-to-face workshops, online courses, business tools, articles, books, audio-video content), to help them complete the challenges. The projects are 100% personalized for each company that enters the competition, even occasionally for each job family.

„Up to this moment, we used the Equatorial Marathon platform in 19 projects, gathering over 730 „runners”. We contributed to the development of leaders and talents management in insurance companies and industrial production, we nurtured team collaboration in a telecom company, we produced changes in a bank sales habits, and helped introduce a new value system into a pharmaceutical company. Together with the professors of The Academy of Economic Studies – The University of Management, we redefined the teaching method for the Master’s in Human Resources. Moreover, we focus on marketing the platform outside Romanian boarders – the game started being used in Poland, France, and Sweden, and we still explore different partnerships for Spain, Turkey, Italy and the United States of America.”, declared Dan Berteanu, Managing Partner Equatorial.

Equatorial Marathon approach answers the three types of stimulus – economic, social and moral – that us, the people are interacting with and are being intrinsically and extrinsically motivated by. Practically, each participant would find at least one reason for joining the race.

Each „running challenge” brings the participants a certain total of equatorials, the virtual coin of the game that can be used in the marketplace with different prizes, relevant for their professional and personal activity (books, theater tickets, access to coaching sessions, tablets, etc.).

Players receive challenges that must generate teamwork spirit by fulfilling tasks together with other marathon race players, and also they have the chance to acknowledge the strong points to one another on the profile pages and see on the official game website how does their company rank on the companies’ general chart.

Each „running challenge” completed by the players determines a certain number of virtual calories being burned, which is also the unit of measurement for setting up the ranking. At the end of the race, all the virtual calories are transformed by Equatorial in a one-by-one report with healthy food which is donated to children in need.  This way, Equatorial is fighting against the calamity which causes 225.000 of Romanian children go to bed starving each night.

In the short period of time since Equatorial Marathon has been launched, the platform has been used by Metropolitan Life, TRW Timișoara, British American Tobacco, NetGrid, Banca Transilvania, Holcim, Bittnet Systems, UBD Poland, ENEL, Engie, Group Renault, Orange, BRD, Medicover, BCR, Groupama, Lugera, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Endava, Johnson Controls, and ING Bank.

The „BT Branch Mall Marathon” project, developed together with Banca Transilvania has already received the recognition of the Romanian Human Resources community by winning the „Formation and Development” category at HR Club Excellence Awards Gala in 2016.



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