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There are some things you need to know before you click the „Sign me up” button: Equatorial Marathon is very flexible and 100% customized for each company. It enables change in the people’s behavior and adoption of new organizational habits, while it generates collaboration, innovation and fun, intellectual challenges, in the workplace. And last, but not least, it serves an important and significant meaningful purpose. Are you ready?

Global Outreach

Equatorial Marathon is a very flexible project and it can accommodate every company’s business needs. So, it doesn’t really matter where you are based, we already have runners from different countries. We all speak the language of business and learning.

Take parte in the race of the century!

Since the first runners started in April 2015, the Equatorial Marathon has grown with every burnt calorie and every new task that made our players better business professionals and, also, better human beings.

Organizations who joined the run:

You should enroll your company in Equatorial Marathon if:

The engagement level of your people is low

People do not use the skills learned in training programs.

There is a lack of collaboration between people and departments.

Or if:

great growth potential

Your industry or company have a great growth potential

People are creative and innovative 

People are creative and innovative

Your brand employer is strong and well seen

Your brand employer is strong and well seen

valuable talent

You have a valuable talent pool to develop

If you want to ask us a question or enroll your company in the marathon, use the form bellow. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

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